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Statical Calculation

Planning a construction is not only statics, statics is only a calculation to prove if the construction holds stand on a given security level or it collapses. But without these calculations any construction can not be built.

Today's statical programmes give likely everything ready to the planner, but without professional thinking they do not have anythig common neither with the statics nor the building. The programme only solves mathematic equations.

The one proverb says the construction knows the statics better, the other says it does not. To solve the apparent contradiction is task of the planning engineers. The statics of the construction should be the one of the planner.

We have been making statical calculations for over 12 years. Great help with doing this is use of finite element method.

Applied standard systems: DIN 18800 and/or EC 3. These are the standards which suggest the most up to date calculation methods and solutions.

Common use of standard and software by the planner results an optimal, a secure, cost efficient and useable steel structure.

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